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Hi, my name is Kashmir and I’m a Tekken-holic. [Hi, Kashmir.] I’m not the best Tekken player, but I am among the most devoted. Anyway, you didn’t come to this site to read about me. But if you’re interested you can look at some of my other blogs listed below. You can find me on XBox as WiteDahlia and on PSN as sharpsiren. My Tekken “world name” for the leaderboards and forums, etc. is sharpsiren.

The Daisy Pages

I Am SharpSiren



6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey, have you heard of Fanfiction.net? It’s a place where fans of various mediums of entertainment can put their made-up stories featuring characters we all know and love. Well, anyways, Fanfiction.net has just implemented a new feature that will allow fellow fanfiction writers to upload a cover picture for their story.

    To get more to the point, I have this Tekken fiction that will eventually span the entirety of Kazuya’s life (at least until the end of Tekken 6 and any future installments of Tekken). I’ll create new stories for each Tekken game. I’ve already finished his childhood years all the way up to the first Tekken. I then started on the second Tekken. Now, my questions is, can I use the picture you uploaded here entitled “All the Young Dudes”. It would make a perfect cover for my fanfiction story especially since Lee shows up quite bit in my story, though the main focus is Kazuya. Hopefully, you are the owner of this pic–I’m asking if you can give me permission to use it. I’ll be sure to credit you in the fanfiction itself in the Author’s Note section.

    By the way, my pen name on Fanfiction.com is “gamegirl07”. The story I want that picture to be the cover of (once the feature is up and running on Fanfiction) is entitled “The Kazuya Story: Tekken 1”.

    On a complete side note, I also read your about section. You can find me on PSN as KazuyaMishima92. I do play Tekken online from time to time. I’m not that great of a player, but I’ve played with Kazuya for years. If you happen to get a friend request on your PS3, at least you’ll know who I am.

    Alright, this message has gone on for too long. Hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Wow, I just read your other about section and realized that none of the pictures on this site is yours. Sorry. ^.^; Disregard the previous comment then. (Except the fact that I’m also on PSN and that my username is KazuyaMishima92 on there.)

    • Yes, that’s correct. Unfortunately I am no artist. I have to content myself with collecting rather than creating 🙂

      • Even collecting is a skill. If I had not found that picture on this site, I doubt I’d be able to find it as quick as I did. Thanks for putting all the pictures you come across in one easy to access place.

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